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GreatBuyz is a flexible, multichannel, scalable and customizable Mobile Marketing Eco-system. GreatBuyz provides innovative and advanced enablers for mobile marketing through all mobile channels to facilitate Brands/Businesses, advertisers and consumers to connect with one another.


GreatBuyz is a cool App that allows shopper’s to save time and money. It has one of the best collection of Coupons in India that is updated several times a day. In addition, it offers a very unique Opt-In (or Permission) marketing feature to receive promotions, newsletters etc. from Brands/Businesses and Service Providers in a friendly way. You get to choose the Brands/Businesses and Service Providers you want to follow or unfollow that is invite or block messages from them at any time – it is as simple as that! No unnecessary emails or SMSs that you have to spend time deleting, if you changed your mind - re-follow them again, say after a vacation! Finally, an easy way to find what you want to find when you are ready to shop or take advantage of their offers in a timely fashion.

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Brands / Businesses

GreatBuyz helps Brands, Advertisers and Media Planning Agencies to grow their business via an Opt-in Marketing & distribution platform. GreatBuyz alllows them to promote with flexibility as suited to one’s business needs.

  • 1. Announce Product launches, Offers, Seasonal Sale, Weekly Newsletters, Customer Education, Mini-Surveys, Call Customer Care, Submit Feedback,
  • 2. Increase brand visibility and stay in regular touch with existing Customers and reach out to potential customers
  • 3. Communicate via Plain text, Rich HTML text, Audio or Video.
  • 4. Distribute Deals and Coupons

Download: Presentation for understanding the complete benefits Brands / Businesses can enjoy.


GreatBuyz platform solution is available on Cell Broadcast (CBC), SMS, USSD, Handset App, WAP and Voice Channels. GreatBuyz aggregates Coupons & Deals from multiple sources including leading aggregators and has direct relation with e-commerce companies. GreatBuyz is successfully running in one of the largest operators in India.

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Several Brands have started engaging powerfully with Consumers via GreatBuyz Streamz. Come, join our exciting Eco-System.